Waterdhavian Intrigue

Another day, another idiot.

Dear Diary,

Well, we fought the damn owlbears. They were not as bad as i thought they’d be. It seems some nutter druid flinging a stick around was controlling them so I burnt the crap out of him. Spot has become quite useful, and I’ve decided to promote him from meat-shield to pesant-fodder. After I murdered the druid I noticed we had help from a giant wolf and another man of nature. His name escapes me, but I do remember he and I agreeing on several things. We collected the bodies and a hostage and brought them to Waterdeep. Studying the journal of Soren will take some time but i think i can make sense of it. Apparently he is a servant of the beastlord, Malar. Found an eye in a bag, and me being me decided it would be better poked out. (Magical scrying and all that)

Not five seconds after we spot the city, Captain Blowhard appeared, sniveling to his men about his menstruation cycles. He tried to bully us into giving him the prisoners and stealing the credit for himself, but we planted doubt in the minds of his men. The kind of doubt that there was no doubt this asshole would get them killed.

We went to town and saw a merchant wizard when some impish little pervert laid his hands on me. I shot at him, missed, then hunted him down. Spot as usual was there in a flash. I swear that man can leap a five minute sprint. Thinking quickly i tipped my hat and dressed myself as that asshole guard, and ordered other guards to him. Apparently some of my “colateral” damage was a man affiliated with a group, and that group jumped us. I can,t think of the name…BLAST WHAT WAS THE NAME? I have a feeling I probably should have written that down. Eyes of Grumish? Fuck all.

Our new druid friend will be quite useful. I already feel our influence digging into Spot.

Anyway Lt. Major Dipshit wanted to ban us from Waterdeep and wrote me a ticket for magic use within the city. I told him if his head wasn’t so far up his ass he would have seen it was in defense. I shall see him fired or dead, one way or another. That’s the ::SHORT:: version of it anyway.

Oh shit I need to remember to buy turnips for Bauldrick

Edmund the Black.

Fools, all of them!

Dear diary,

Today I finally was able to get over the terrible flu I’ve had since I arrived in Waterdeep. That wretched prostitute probably gave me the contagion. Thats the last time I hire a discounted whores. I decided to look for work in town, seeing as though no matter where I go on this good for nothing, bloody country, there are always job boards in the center of “town.” The decor is simply revolting, and the fashion, non existent. This fellow I met named Spot… yes Spot, looked like he was wearing the same thing since the time of troubles. Anyway I met these paupers at the board and seeing as though I needed some meat sheilds, I befriended them just in time to be be-raided by this poof guard named balls or something. We went to his superior to get the details on the job as well as try to get him fired. Met some other peasants of not much importance. They were crying about there father, luckily I found him and he’s dead. Now to go kill some owlbears. I wonder how many fireballs it will take to turn this forest into the nine hells?

Edmund the Black

PS, if Bauldrick uses the lavatory in your robes again, rip his wanker off. Tough love, he’s got to respect you.

Magister Job


Job #2

Parchment paper background 717

Job #1

Parchment scroll bgnd

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